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My sister just got married!

Emily and Ian chose to have a small wedding ceremony at our friends’ ranch in the Tucson Mountains last week.  It was beautiful and fun.  To balance the small wedding, they decided to have a huge party at Tucson MOCA. Emily had the brilliant idea of creating an “urban picnic” for the event. They bought sod and laid it out on the floor of MOCA and invited people to bring blankets. It was incredible.

photo courtesy of Omer Kreso

The party was fantastic and I had the honor of building a dress for this special event.I found beautiful old embroidered lace pieces, ribbons and two old dress bottoms at a vintage sale down the street and then Emily and I went searching for a simple slip-like dress to build onto. We found a great silk nightgown at a local vintage shop. I spent hours just looking at all of the pieces, then hours looking at them put together in a way that I thought would work, then I called Emily over to make the call. The pieces before they were combined:

I first matched up the two skirt pieces and created a common waist. Then I attached it to the slip so that it had an empire waist and per Emily’s request a sort of trail in the back. Then I hand tacked and basted all of the bodice and then machine stitched the sleeves and the front at the waist. (Unfortunately I neglected to take photos of all the other pieces).  The waist was then covered with delicate lace sewn onto satin ribbon. (Quite possibly the most time-consuming, difficult, unrewarding task, I might add. I’m really going to have to work on those skills).  All in all it turned out well and the best part was seeing her wear it on such a memorable day.  I was a little too busy having fun to document her in the dress, but here are a few shots from the party.

And because I love this photo so much, I have to add it.  Also it gives a glimpse of the back of the dress.

The best part about their party was the bike procession from their house.  Over 50 people came on bikes in 104 degree weather to escort them to the party.  There’s a short video that’s worth watching here. Emily looked stunning (as always) and especially lovely sitting side-saddle on the back of Ian’s Xtracycle.

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